Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Turkey Shoot Campout

The Turkey Shoot camp out was really fun and a good experience. When we first showed up we had to set up camp. We had to make a kitchen, a big eating area, and a toilet. Not to mention setting up our tents. By this time there were about eighty people total here.

At about 6:30 we had dinner, for dinner we had pulled pork sandwiches, brown beans, corn, and baked potatoes. Later on that night we played capture the flag in the dark with no boundaries. We only had three people run into a cactus so I think that is a pretty good record out of eighty people. During the night the temperature dropped to about forty degrees.

In the morning we had breakfast which was pancakes, tater tots, and bacon. At about 9am we started shooting guns there were three stations shotgun, rifle, and hi-power. Of course in rifle and shotgun shooting you just shot things but in hi-power people shot tannerite and a 50 caliber sniper rifle. My dad and I left early with two of my friends so we could go on a jeep trail called box canyon.

So overall this was one of the best campouts i have ever been on.


Janelle said...

That looks like so much fun! I wish I could have gone.

I totally thought this was Jeff writing this blog. I can't believe you can write so well!

So, did you shoot a turkey?

G'ma Y said...

What a fun campout. I pity the turkeys with that many shooters around. I'm glad you got to go on the jeep trail. I'm really glad that you wrote such a great blogg, we love to hear and see the fun things you get to do. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

As I read your account of the campout I wished I could have been there for all of the happenings. Camping and shooting have always been a lot of fun for me. Thanks for the chance to see it through your eyes. G-Pa Young

Joey said...

Wow looks like fun! I can't imagine running around in the dark with all those cacti. Cant wait to see you. BTW 40 degrees is the high up here in Utah.