Friday, February 19, 2010

Box Canyon

This is a view down toward Florence, AZ on the Box Canyon trail. Someone had recommended it to me as a really fun trail. I looked it up in my off-road trail book and the author said that it was easy to moderate...

Most of the trail was easy to moderate, but there were some pretty fun obstacles. Like this cliff that we had to get down. There was still water moving down the wash from all the rain we've been having, so the boys had fun playing in the waterfalls.

Here we go! The 12yo took some action shots.

This was called the Stage Depot in my book. I don't know anything about it other than it looks pretty old. Is it possible that this trail was used by stage coaches?

This is the entry to box canyon itself. I didn't get any good pictures in there for some reason. It was really neat because the walls were so sheer and multicolored. Unfortunately my off-road book didn't mention the many very difficult rocks we had to get over. The jeep actually slipped as we crossed over one nasty spot. There was a lot of scary banging noises as the jeep fell down onto a boulder. I was sure that we were either high-centered or that I'd smashed in the side of the wrangler. But you should never doubt the power of the wrangler! We weren't even stuck. I do think that I will get a 2 inch lift and bigger wheels when my tires are worn out. The extra clearance would have made this much less stressful for me.


G'ma Y said...

Wow. What a fun trip. You have the perfect jeep to explore such great places.

Anonymous said...

Dad says
that looks like a drive I might have taken with you many years ago except for the cacti and dry climate. Can you believe I was with you that day just because I looked at this picture? I was!!